Before selling or after a system failure, you can perform a complete reset of your iphone to restore factory settings.

In some situations, it helps if you can completely reset your iphone, and it is essential if you want to sell or give away the iphone. A factory reset is also good if your iphone has crashed, hung, or is experiencing other issues.

How can i completely reset my iphone?

If you want to reset your iphone completely, then it is best to follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your iphone's settings.
  2. In the settings, click on "general".
  3. Now select "transfer/reset iphone" at the bottom.
  4. If you tap on "reset", you will be offered various options from which you must choose.

Ways to reset iphone

If you have decided to reset your iphone, you have several options. You can, e.g. B. Only delete the settings but keep your data or delete everything. You have these options:

  • "erase all content & settings": this option is handy if you want to completely reset your iphone because you plan to sell or give it away. All content, including user data and media, will be deleted entirely.
  • "reset all settings": this will not erase any data or media. Instead, it just resets the settings to their default values. These are data protection settings, stored payment options and the keyboard dictionary.
  • "reset network settings": everything related to networks will be reset to factory settings. Previously used networks and vpn settings will be removed; mobile data roaming will be disabled. Manually trusted sites and certificates lose their permissions. If you give your phone a name, it will revert to "iphone." tip: if you only want to remove the vpn settings but not the other network settings, go to settings > general > profiles & device management. Find the profile you want to delete and click remove profile.
  • "reset keyboard dictionary": this option will clear any words you've manually added to the keyboard dictionary.
  • "reset home screen layout": all apps are arranged back to how they were initially found on the home screen.
  • "reset location services and privacy settings": all location and privacy settings will be reset to the factory defaults.

Reset iphone completely: make a backup beforehand

Of course, if you want to completely reset your iphone because it crashed or has other problems, you don't want your data to be lost due to the reset. In this case, you should make a Backup copy first. It works either via icloud or by using a computer

  • Backup via icloud: the icloud is the simpler of the two variants. To do this, open your user data in the settings. There you will find the item "icloud". From there, click on "back up now" and wait for the backup to complete.
  • Backup via itunes: if you don't want to back up your data via icloud, itunes can help you. In the "places" tab, you can select the name of your iphone. Then you will find the menu item "backup" under "general". Tip: before making the backup copy, you should select the encrypted backup to protect your private data.

Once the backup is complete, deregister the device from icloud before attempting a full reset of the iphone. Otherwise, the reset will spill over from iphone to icloud and destroy the backup. To do this, tap on "settings" and "icloud". At the bottom, you can select the item "log out", which you have to click twice. You can confirm the process by entering your pin, which apple also calls a restriction code.

Completely reset iphone via computer

If you want to reset your iphone because of a crash, it can happen that the settings can no longer be opened either. Then you can connect the phone to a computer to reset it. Both a mac and a windows pc are suitable for this.

  • Complete reset iphone on mac: if you have a mac, you can connect your iphone to it and select it in the finder sidebar. In the upper window, click "general" and then "restore iphone". If this method doesn't work for you, it could be that your macos version is out of date. In this case, you can reset your iphone completely using itunes.
  • Completely reset iphone via itunes: to do this, click on "iphone" in the top left of the itunes window. Select summary, then restore iphone. Now follow the instructions. Necessary: itunes doesn't appear preinstalled on windows computers, so you'll need to download or update the latest version first.


If you want to reset your iphone completely, you can easily do this in the smartphone settings. There you will find various options that allow you to choose which data is deleted and which is not. If you are unsure which option to choose, get in touch using our comment function. Read Also: